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Why do pets need grooming?

It is our core belief that regular grooming is a significant part of your pets overall wellness. The reasons below are why we trust that a 6 week schedule is essential for pets.

a gray cat before and after grooming photo

Matt Prevention

Not only is matting unsightly, more importantly, it is painful and dangerous for your pet. Matts pull on your pets skin, reducing circulation and restricting mobility. Matts can also hide underlying issues that you can't see, such as skin irritation, infections, parasites and sores. Regular grooming is the only way to prevent matting and keep your pet's skin and coat healthy, clean and comfortable.

Reduced Stress & Anxiety

Regular grooming sessions allow your pet to relax and bond with their groomers during their visits. Frequent grooming helps desensitize pets to touch and handling, making them more comfortable during veterinary exams and other necessary procedures. Pair these benefits with our quiet, cage-free approach, and your pet is set up for success to enjoy lowered stress grooming sessions.


Reduced Shedding & Healthier Skin

Pets who are groomed regularly shed less. Less loose hair means a cleaner home, improved body temperature regulation for your pet and extra protection against matting. With cats, less shedding can greatly reduce or eradicate hairballs. 

Regular bathing helps to prevent dandruff, dry skin, grease and buildup in cats and dogs. The average skin cycle for a pet is 21 days. The closer you adhere to this natural schedule, the more benefits for your furry friends' skin and coat. 

Overall Wellness 

As groomers, we have a unique perspective on your pets' health and appearance, often noticing changes that may not be as apparent to owners who see them every day. Think of us as an 'eye in the field' for your pets' overall health, as we wash and trim every area of their body. Lumps, bumps, parasites, dental problems, and arthritic pain are all things that we can notice during our time with your pet and can alert you to call your vet should any of these changes seem troubling.

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